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Last updated: Sunday, 11-Feb-2018 09:53:59 EST

I'm currently doing post-baccalaureate studies in management at the Wharton School of Business.

I was enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania / School of Engineering and Applied Science as a graduate student in the Computer and Information Science department. I earned my Master's of Science in Engineering degree in Computer and Information Science in May '06.

I've already earned my Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Drexel University with Honors ('03).
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At the Graduate Level:

Master's Degree - Computer and Information Science from UPenn (100% complete)
Conferral date: May '06
Core Classes:CIS 500CIS 501CIS 899CIS 505CIS 511
Software FoundationsArchitectureIndependent StudyDistributed SystemsTheory of Computation
Fall '05 Fall '03 Summer '05 Spring '05 Summer '04
Electives:CIS 573 CIS 550 EAS 545 CIS 535 CIS 899
Software EngineeringDatabases Entrepreneurship Bioinformatics Independent Study
Spring '04 Fall '04 Spring '06 Fall '04 Summer '05

At the Undergraduate Level:

Here are some selected courses I took at Drexel University:
  • Computer Ethics
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Systems Architecture I + II
  • Software Engineering
  • Concurrent Programming
  • Database Systems
  • Human-Computer Interaction