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Some projects have been moved to Github.

Open Source

Project Compressor

I teach an introductory class in programming and some of my students are not sure a) where their projects are stored on their harddrive and b) how to compress their project so that they can turn it in for a grade. This program uses the registry and the Windows shell API to locate recently edited projects, list them and then allows the user to select which projects to compress. All new compressed files are placed on the user's desktop. It has been tested with Visual Studio 2003 and 2005, along with VB Express 2005.

C# (Visual Studio 2003, .Net 1.1), Windows

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Spam Banner

I run my own mail server with the full suite of anti-spam measures deployed (including SpamAssassin, MimeDefang, etc). One problem is that all the spam processing can take a lot of processing resources when your domain gets dictionary attacked. I wrote this small script to watch the mail logs and drop packets from MTAs that send multiple spams in a timeframe. After 8 hours, the IP is cleared to send again.

Perl, Unix