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I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science (with Honors) from Drexel University and MSE (Master of Science in Engineering) in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania in May, 2006. I am enrolled part time in the Wharton School, where I occasionally take some business classes. I've also started giving back to the academic community by teaching programming classes at a local community college.

I have a large amount of experience with a diverse set of tools. Platform-wise I am comfortable with Linux, Windows, Windows Server 2003, Solaris, OpenBSD and Macs. I've programmed with Perl (favorite language), C, C++, Java, C# (favorite oop language), shell scripting (BASH) and proprietary languages (such as SeeBeyond/e*Gate's MONK). For web development, I've done most of the commonly accepted paradigms including LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl & PHP), ASP.NET and JSP/Struts. Databases include Oracle 9i. 10g, MySQL versions 3 through 5 and adhoc XML. Coping with new technologies comes easily to me, as I seem to have an innate ability to pick them up in little time.

In terms of codebases, I've designed and programmed an entirely new messaging platform at 35,000 lines of code (for which I also published a paper) and performed minor maintenance on some legacy code. I've setup and run my own code repository in CVS, as well as using a shared resource.

On the systems side of things I've done everything from physically pulling ethernet to hardening servers (Linux and Windows). I've setup VPN servers, evaluated systems logging of servers hosting HIPAA data and looked at raw packet dumps from tools such as ethereal and tcpdump to verify network activity is as expected. I've setup (and run) iptables, sendmail, bind, samba, mysql, dhcpd, apache, rsync, ntp, etc. on both firewall protected and completely unprotected systems. I maintain my own dedicated Linux servers for web hosting and experimentation.

Personality-wise, I've been described as precise, focused, and "crazy proactive". I would also add in curious, dedicated and honest.

My interests include creating new systems, especially if it is considered a new technique or application. I thrive on discovering how to make new protocols and theoretical ideas into reality. In my professional career thus far, the most enjoyment I had was pushing existing frameworks and languages in ways that might not have been thought of, all to build something completely new.

I am looking for a position where I will be with a bright group of people and also where I will be able to continue learning new things. I want some challenging and interesting technical work to push me.