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Through my career thus far, I have done quite a variety of work in terms of environments and end products. This is meant as a brief showcase of my output in various technologies.

Lab Results Comment Generator
Lab result comment generator

The goal of this application is to take lab results printed out by a piece of equipment, combine them with retrospective results and select an appropriate comment (based on the result, drug regimen, previous results, etc). The application also supports various modes of operation such as creating the list of work items, initially commenting results and approving results. Lab results are pulled from an Oracle database and comments were modeled into XML. This particular solution was built using C# in 1.5 days. (Information removed from screenshot for HIPAA compliance.)

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Flow Cytometry Data Repository
Flow cytometry data repository

This web-based application was built to manage data related to flow cytometry (a process used to determine characteristics of cells). The app allows various studies, tube setups, test panels, etc. to be setup entirely through the web. The site relies heavily on Javascript to dynamically allow the addition/removal/reordering of items without roundtripping to the server. Ajax is used to provide needed data on-demand (such as using existing panels as a template for a new one, etc). Validation of fields is done both on the fly (via Javascript) and on the server. Reports are exported to Excel spreadsheets. The app also features both role and acl based security systems. The solution was built in about 2 weeks using Java and Struts.

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WSEmail is a reconceptualization of email as a family of cooperating web services, with security built in to the protocol from the beginning. WSEmail is capable of verifying authenticity of senders and servers in the system, using the same protocol for mutliple messaging types (email, instant messaging, work flow processing), sending structured data that could be interpreted as a discrete step in a work flow (showing it as a graphical application), dynamically updating clients and servers with new code while running, using DNS SRV records for message delivery, utilizing X.509 certificate authorities and many other advanced features. I wrote all the code, which consisted of about 35k lines of C# and used the WSE (web services enhancements package from Microsoft, v1 and v2). The project took over a year, mostly due to its research-based nature. More information can be found at the project website. Papers I wrote or cowrote about the project are available on my experience page.

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"Bernadette Peters - Broadway's Best" is a fan website I started work on in 2000 and still maintain. I wrote all the code on the site except for some modules I pull in (such as ImageMagick, aspell, etc). The site integrates a number of systems together under a common authentication and user system. Major features include a message board, photo album, wiki, FAQ, timeline and profile systems. The site has a variety of administrative aids including full systems logging, dashboard features, role and acl based security. Written in Perl, it works under both CGI and mod_perl environments, currently talking to a MySQL database.

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