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I've been teaching for a few years now and still find it as rewarding as ever. Having a room full of curious students is also a wonderful way to keep you on your toes!
  • Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

    • CS 01.104, "Introduction to Scientific Programming"
      Introduces students to programming using by using games.

    • CS 01.200, "Computing Environments"
      Introduces students to the Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access) along with basic web design.

    • CS 04.113, "Introduction to Object Oriented Programming"
      Introduces students to OOP principles using Java.

    • CS 04.103, "Computer Science and Programming"
      Introduces students to OOP principles using C++.

    • CS 04.225, "Principles of Data Structures"
      Introduces students to common data structures (stacks, queues, trees), dynamic memory and object oriented programming using C++.

  • Gloucester County College, Sewell, NJ

    • CSC-101, "Introduction to Programming"
      Introduces students to basic programming concepts using VB.NET. Concepts such as variables, loops, decision structures, procedural and event driven programming are covered.

    • CIS-110, "Fundamentals of Programming"
      The same as the above, but for the CIS department.

    • CSC-111, "Intermediate Programming"
      Similar to above but includes arrays, file i/o and object oriented programming.

    • CSC-201, "Programming in C"
      Introduces students to basic through intermediate concepts of the C programming language. Topics include everything in CSC-101 (applied to C) plus pointers, file I/O, various C datatypes for storage (structs, unions, etc) and dynamic memory usage.

    • CSC-205, "Programming in C++"
      Expands on the above to include Object Oriented Programming, operator overloading, polymorphism and templates. Uses common computer science data structures (stacks, linked lists, etc) implemented in C as a case study of how to rebuild them in the OO frame of mind.

    • CSC-220, "Data Structures and Algorithms"
      Introduces students to stacks, queues, linked lists in both C and C++, along with basic algorithm analysis,

    • CIS-264, "[Web] Database Applications Programming"
      Introduces and combines PHP, MySQL, Linux and web applications. I setup and administer a dedicated Linux server for the class.